Social Gallery, Kankaanpää April 2019

Art, storytelling and  handcrafts visiting and participating people at Kankaanpää Fine Art and Taitokeskus

Hands in clay. This has been the utmost reality for three artist working in Kankaanpää Art School Gallery in April 2019.

The social gallery -event received visitors from France, Sylviane Donon Rambeau, from Italy and nowadays from Rauma, Enrico Mazzone and Finnish art student Saara Nurmi, from Kankaanpää Fine Art.

Participant artists all represent traditional and artisan like techniques, which all require hand and eye co-operation and craft skills and knowledge of traditions.

Mazzone is currently drawing a 97-meter solid, one-piece massive artwork with a pencil technique, mainly in dots. Mazzone’s work tells several overlapping stories about Kalevala, Dante and different places and encounters around Finland.

The massive drawing is expected to be complete in two years; it is currently in 45 meters and locates in Rauma.

Rambeau is an artist and artisan who paints by weaving. Rambeau prefers to use recycled textiles and wool and sometimes combine various natural elements.

Nurmi is an art student who communicates with plants,ceramics and installations.

Planting and creating artwork out of ceramics can be seen as a post humanistic therapy, both for the plant and the artists and other participants involved.

The Social gallery –event organized open workshops from three different angle for the local public. Mazzone’s drawing and storytelling was targeted for the Kankaanpää 4H children’s club and groups from rehabilitation center Tähti.

Rambeau also worked at Kankaanpää Taitokeskus, which is an educational artisan and textile center.

At the Taitokeskus, Rambeau also opened her personal and professional history. Rambeau has previously been a ballet dancer in Bordeaux Opera. After retiring, weaving art became the new profession. Rambeau has also been involved in developing Women’s Weaving and Crafts Center in Africa, Niger.

-Saija Mustaniemi


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