Peat and encounterings in Kankaanpää

The first Art Week of the Kankaanpää was held in May 2018. The Art Week was produced in cooperation with the city of Kankaanpää, the Circle of art -project (HEART) and Kortteeri project (SAMK).

There was a common interest for all actors to increase the multifunctional use of urban space and participatory art.

Feelings from the event week are remaining positive. The program was plentiful and reached a large number of citizens in different age groups, in different situations and locations.

The idea for the week was born in Kankaanpää’s Fine Art projects and in the city’s cooperation. New Kankaanpää Art Week consisted of Fine Art students projects, Satakunta University of applied sciences teaching, research and development activities and projects and of course visiting, foreign artists.

This time one visiting artist from the Circle of art -project was Mickaelle Delame from France. Mickaelle stayed two weeks in Kankaanpää, exploring public art and the rural, near by surroundings. Mickaelle participated to the Peat symposium, which was held during the week of art. Mickaelle was in touch with peat for the first time as a material for art. She had also the chance to explore peat in its real natural surroundings in a swamp sauna, Lauhavuori region.

Totally, during the art week a little bit more than ten peat sculpting were made. A Finnish company Kekkilä was willing to support the symposium with materials.

Also during the Art Week, it was possible to test, among other things, a virtual art gallery, experiment and participate to performances and hear music at the Fine Art premises. An open lecture and a peat workshop was held for the public.

This was a fresh new opening where event of art students, citizens and international visitors became visible.  It was fine event, which emphasized equality.  All events were free of charge and open to all public.

The event got a positive publicity also. For example, the editor of YLE made a straight radio interview with an art student directly from the peat igloo.

  • Saija Mustaniemi, project researcher, SAMK, Kankaanpää Fine Art

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