Mechanical art

Frech artist, Olivier Louloum visited Kankaanpää Finland last fall 2017. Here’s an interview about Oliviers experiences.

Olivier Louloum is interested in the naturally produced energy. Wind and water are the natural elements in his artwork that produces movement and voices.  Natural energy gives you different kind of variation, apart from mechanical sound environments, says French artist who is exploring Satakunta region for one week.

Louloum is in Kankaanpää because attending a artist exchance project Sphere of art-that is run by Satakunta University of applied sciences, The Kankaanpää Art Association and the Kankaanpää museum. Sphere of Art is funded by Northern –Satakunta Leader, and it is aiming to increase participatory and collaborative art in rural areas. Sphere of art is part of an international project, which have partners from France, Italy and Latvia.

Louloum arrived to Finland last Monday and from Kankaanpää Fine art, Heli Ryhänen lecturer in sculpture left to explore French environmental art at the Garonne region. Ryhänen will stay in France a little less than a week and is bringing new ideas and models from very wide environmental art exhibition.

Louloum is a self-taught sculptor. In his art, he uses recycled material. His material is not random,  it has to have a certain connection to the area or a knowledge of the former user, says Louloum. – I always try to create something new, but paying attention and respect to the history. My sculptures are often water mills and own kind of moving theatre, my sculpture they breathe, sweek and scratch.

I often mix elements with contrast, for example old and new, explains Louloum.

The creator of these humoristic water-and wind installations is a carpenter from his early professional. The wood is still a part of his installations, in many works you can see poetical windows and doors, but those are also a reminder form the artists past. – I see art as a positive and communal element. With art, you can rise up themes from the present society, for example over consumption, explains Louloum.

–       I have travelled with my installations in Morocco, Burkina Faso, Israel and Kazakhstan, but I never thought that I’d come to this North.  Oliver half joked, that coming to this North would mean seeing Inuit and polar bears, but the reality was different from the imagination In Finland there was a lot of forest and quietness. – When the plane took off from Helsinki, all that I saw until Pori was woods and woods, laughs Louloum. I enjoyed greatly this big calm country, nice people and sense of space. – I find very amusing that in Finland, between villages, even between houses and people, there’s always a lot of space.

–       While his stay in Kankaanpää Louloum has already to get to know the art school, the circle of art the Art Assosiation  and the Kankaanpää museum. For Louloum it was very inspiring to see the exhibition at Kankaanpää museum, which was about immigration. As an artist, I am interested in the global themes, pounders Louloum.

–       During this week, in front of the art school, a mechanical installation will be build. Which elements from the history of Kankaanpää we will recognize from it, and what kind of sound and movement it will produce?  These questions the artist will not yet answer and invites all people in Kankaanpää to come and visit the location.

  • Saija Mustaniemi, Kankaanpää, Finland

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